How Is That Going or Not – Bullet Journal Update

 So I did a thing. Since about April, I have not use my Leuchttrum1917 bullet journal at all. Nothing. Its been sitting on  my desk collecting dust. Just this past week or so I have started using it as a sketch book. But I did a thing to it. I ripped, well cut out the first 40 pages that I had used to set up my month in April. Yes, I know. I could have  just could use it with the months that I never touched and bothered me sooooo bad that they were just hanging out in the front of the book. So I wanted a fresh start for the notebook. I did finish one notebook.

I’m not sure if I will pick it back up or what right now. I did enjoy it but it seemed like a chore. I would forget to set up a week and then the week would be half over or I would forget to do it completely. I have all my appointments and reminders on my phone/ laptop. which I carry my phone everywhere I go. So my journal would just site at home. I don’t use any fancy apps to help keep track, just mainly the calendar and mail app on my iPhone and mac.  I feel this works well enough for me for now, maybe in the future I will pick it back up but for right now, not so much.


As I said earlier, I have been using it as a sketch book. I’m using for ideas for a series of art work that I have in mind and will helpfully make it to my shop sometime by fall, hopefully. The pages are perfect for sketching and erasing. I do plan on picking up another leuchttrum1917 or even another moleskin when i’m finished with the Leuchttrum1917 I have.

How Is That Going or Not - Bullet Journal Update

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