Favorite Beauty Products

Here are some products that I have tried and liked. I guess you can call this a quick review of items. Most of the items are ones that I repurchase if I really liked them. Since I have really fine hair, it doesn’t always respond well to certain products. Like oils, its really picky about the type of oil i use. So these products may or may not work for you. 🙂 They are not listed by greatness or any order. Also these are just a “few” that I listed.  I have many more that want to share.

This the first time that I have used this shampoo and conditioner and this stuff smells amazing! I loved how it makes my hair feel, especially when I had  damaged hair.  I used this till its gone because I just love how it feels and the way my hair looks after using it. Huge improvement. I know longer need to use this shampoo and conditioner.

I love how after I use this mask my skin is so soft and clean feeling. I normally use this couple of times a week, ether in the shower or at night. Right now I’m on my third bottle of this stuff. Love it.

Recently saw this in store and thought why not. Just like the avocado and oatmeal mask, this sugar scrub is amazing. Such soft skin after using this. I use this just like the other mask, once or twice a week. Will buy again.

This is the only oil so far that I have found that works on my hair and doesn’t make it oily or greasy. It makes it shiny and soft but not greasy. LOVE IT!!! And it smell so good!

One of the few sprays sea salt sprays that don’t leave my hair feeling dry or feeling like i used to much. Its very light and you don’t need much.  I’m on my second soon to be third.

It has a very clean smell.  Soaks up  the oil from my head nicely. I’m able to go a few days without having to wash my hair. Doesn’t make it sticky or dry feeling. Going on my third can of this stuff.

Well those are some of my favorites. I will be making another a list of other favorites of mine.  Please stay tune.

Favorite beauty products
What are some of your favorites. I love trying new things!

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2 thoughts on “Favorite Beauty Products

    1. I don’t have sensitive skin and everyone’s body is different, but I would try a small patch on your face to see if any irritation appears before using as a whole. 🙂


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