Just a little decluttering 

Sometimes we buy that item that we think will wear but ends up being pushed to the back of the closest and never worn or at time rediscovered. That hasn’t happened to me lately. Lately I’ve been going through my closest, what it seems every two or three months. Not sure why but I get this bug to go through everything. Also whenever I get something new I will look through my clothes and find something that I either haven’t worn or don’t like anymore to replace whatever it is that is new. This seems to help quite a bit as well.

Some of my summer tops I can wear all year round, I just layer them under something else. I also try to buy tops that are versatile for all year long.  If I haven’t worn them in like six months, depending on the season I give them away. Luckily I don’t have that many shoes, I try to rotate my shoes so that they all get equal wear during their season. I do the same with jackets. But lately I have acquired quite a few of them. Really, how many light jackets do I need? It’s a struggle, I have light rain jacket that is perfect for all seasons but winter. So that one stays even though I may not wear it all the time but it is a essential.

So some items I do keep if they are essential pieces even if they don’t get worn all the time. Only because it would be silly to get rid of a item if it was out of season. Plus I make sure they are well taken care of, for the next season

so I don’t have to spend more money on the same items. I still have a pair of UGG’s from two or three winters ago and they still look good and keep my feet warm and dry. I also have another pair so that not all of the wear and tear is on the one pair. I take the bus a lot and the salt for the icy Midwest roads can be hard on boots and shoes. Plus if a pair is wet or develops a hole in one, I have a second pair. I had a hole appear in a pair one year and it sucked. So it is a good idea to have a second pair as a back up. Again Midwest winters. I also have a second winter jacket because of this reason.

So it’s not bad to have doubles of certain items. I try not to have way more then I need at the same time. It all about finding that balance. For some it might be really easy and for others not so much. It’s something that I am still working on, it can be hard to pass up a deal or when you see something really cute. I have some tips on decluttering your clothes, that help me. Hopefully they will help you too.


Pull everything out. I mean everything out.

Be truthful. Are you really going to wear this?

Can you think of more then one outfit to go with it?

Why I am I keeping this.

Does it fit?

Why is this still in here?

Is there a reason for keeping this?

Do I like it?

Will I wear this and where?

8 thoughts on “Just a little decluttering 

  1. Great post! I’m doing a clear out at the moment and trying not to be too sentimental and hoard things so reading this post and your tips really helped!

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  2. I have a problem of trying to declutter my closet…picking up something I haven’t worn in years..telling myself I don’t wear it..and convincing myself that I could wear it (& then I still don’t wear it…) lol I need to ask myself all those questions in your tips!

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  3. Great Tips!!! Alot of my clothes i have owned for years. When im shopping i tend to buy things that are going to be timeless. Never really a huge fan of trends.

    I really like the idea of putting all hangers in your wardrobe one way and then when you have worn an item turn it round…you can easily see what you arent using.

    hayley // hayleyxmartin.com

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    1. I heard of doing that. I haven’t tried that yet. I think the next time I clean out my closet I will. Nether I’m i but I work in a women’s clothing store and so I have a few items that are in, only because I have people asking how they fit, like certain jean styles. Others wise I never would of bought them. But they are my favorite now. Lol


  4. This is so true! Some times whenever I buy something or even before, I always go through my closet! Decluttering in a literal and figurative sense feels so good afterwards!!

    Jade // jadebrowne.com

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