3 Years Ago Today

As of 3 years ago on september 19, 2014,  my husband and I were married. We had a very simple wedding, married at the court house and  had pot luck  wedding reception in the park. I even found my wedding dress on amazon for $30 and found someone to make and decorate us a cake and cupcakes for $25. Like I said very simple.
Here are some engagement pictures we took on the beach of Lake Michigan.

 9D32BB75-6E4A-4F6E-A504-5572B06479A1 244BEF771-9532-4C30-8487-7CD391C5578A 2

865732CD-33DB-4FD1-AC51-2C6058D5EB38 2
Trying to make a heart. lol
The day of our wedding.
C8A15985-D045-4CEE-9268-6F55A2BC8B27 2
I wish the this picture wasnt so fuzzy its one of my favorites.
381901A9-5346-40FE-AC0D-E528F6E582AB 2
99B373EE-4F08-4C49-8485-CD25B58FA381 2
WeddingParty0026 2
C30E8D7F-AF77-4EE7-A22A-47716163E702 2
97A79B17-4397-438E-835D-66E231711C31 2
Our wedding cake and cupcakes. I wish I had better picture. 

Seems we don’t take to many photos together. That’s something we need to work on.

Im not sure what is going on in this one. lol


Coloring with our niece.
What a creeper.
Thank you for reading!


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