Essential Oils- My Collection

In the late winter early spring I bought myself a essential oil diffuser. Which I absolutely love. Mine has two modes, continuous for 4 hours and Intermittent for 8 hours and also 3 light Modes: Solid, rotating color and off. Normally I have it on the intermittent mode throughout the day and at night I turn the light off.  Since I bought a diffuser, I needed oils to go along with it. At that time I only picked up lavender and chamomile at walmart, since then my collection has grown a bit.

I have made blends with some, while some are left straight. Mixing oils is a lot of fun. Just the other night I came home from work and raided my mom (her blog here) collection, which is much larger than mine, with her permission of course.  She lives with my husband and I, and for the last few months have been sharing the oils that we have between us, but she has a ton that I don’t have.  So she decided to spilt up some oils in tinctures for me, so I didn’t have to keep going in her wooden box of oils. Which is very nice of her.


So here are some blends that I have made for myself. I roughly put about 10 drops of each oil with Sweet Almound Oil as a carrier.

My Homemade Blends

Relax-  Lavender, lotus and range

Cold and Flu-  Clove, cinnamon, lemon, patchouli, eucalyptus, tea tree and basil

Zen-Lotus and pomegranate

Focus/breathe- Spearmint, lavender and lemon eucalyptus

Pain Bomb- Lemongrass, tea tree and frankincense

I do have one that is premade. This one works awesome for cramps and all thing related to having your period. I would say its a life saver. I roll it anywhere and everywhere it hurts. Well just about anywhere.

Pre Made Blend

Essential Herb-Monthly Cycle

These are the ones I use in my diffuser.  I NEED MORE!! I want all of them by Sun’s Eye. I must get the Virgo and Peridot oils. They all smell divine. White White Alchemy oils are really nice as well.  I love anything citrus. I also love combining citrus and floral’s.

Straight Oils 

Sun’s Eye– Lavender, Orange, Lotus, Amethyst, Aquarius, Cancer,  Meditation & Triple Goddess

White Witch Alchemy– Peppermint, Tangerine, Lavender & Tea Tree

Thank you for reading! And check out my moms blog!


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6 thoughts on “Essential Oils- My Collection

  1. I’ve never used a diffuser, but I do use essential oil rollers and inhalers, as I made a post about some of my favorites a couple weeks ago. I’ve not yet mixed my own blends though, but that does sound like fun and I do want to try it sometime.

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