Divination tools: New cards

As of lately, I have been trying to in corporate my tarot and oracle cards into my daily life more. The same goes for affirmation cards, I downloaded  and printed some awesome ones from Five Sixteeths. I also use affirmation, tarot and oracle apps on days when I’m on the go,  I’ll share those another time.

I have been using tarot cards since I was about 16. Which at that time I  had the celtic dragon tarot deck.  It worked really well for me at the time, but I no longer have that deck for reason I wont go in to at the moment, but it really worked well. I wish I could say that I can read the cards without looking at a book but sadly I cant. I know what some are without looking. This is one of my goals for 2018,  to become a better reader and not have to look at a book when doing a reading. Wish me luck.

Recently I took a trip to Barns and noble and found Postcards from Spirit which were also on my amazon wishlist. I was so excited when I saw this deck it was unreal. I was not expecting to see it at all. I also found a deck called  Karma Cards, I haven’t used them just yet but I thought they were different from anything I have so far. Right now I have 4 oracle decks, 3 tarot decks and karma deck.  And it’s very very possible that I will be adding more to my collection. I mean just look at my Amazon wish list. Not even kidding.

I think The wild and unknown tarot deck and The universe has your back affirmation Cards are next,  I also have my eye on the Connected Chakra Cards by Five Sixteeths, The Spirit De La Lune Oracle deck by Spirit De La Lune, The Golden Thread Tarot and Luminous Tarot are both from Labyrinthos.  I wish I could get them all right now, but I must have control. I just don’t have the money to throw around as much as I would love to. Oh Neptune, take my money!

My collection of decks consist of The Vision of Oracle (Shh, my absolute favorite oracle deck, don’t tell the others.), Egyptian Pyramid Oracle, Oceanic Tarot, Shadowscapes Tarot ( My favorite tarot deck), Angelarium Oracle and Celestial Tarot.  They all work well for me, some more than others but that’s okay. Some I just have a stronger connection with and im not sure why. I try to treat them all the same and equally share the love between them.

Visions of Oracle, there is just something about that deck when I use it. It was also my first oracle deck.  I havent used the egyptian Pyramid as much as the others, that one is a little different how its set up. The oceanic deck is just gorgeous and is easy to use. Shadowcapes is just awesome for me, it was the first deck that I bought my self. Angelarium is one that I bought a few months ago and let me say it’s so different that all of my other decks, I’ve used this one on others and works well. Like really well. The celestial deck was the first one I had since my Celtic Dragon deck, and that damn High Priestess card keeps coming up like a lot, for example, for the lunar cycle of october, this month,  week, day and etc. 4-6 times so far and its only the beginning of October.  Hmmm, what oh what is it trying to tell me. Oh and its upright too, most of the time.

So that’s it as for my tarot and oracle decks. I do have other tools that I use, like pendulums, runes and others but I will share at another time.


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