Purple Hair, New Apartment, I’m a Auntie Again, Reiki Certification

A lot has been going on the last few weeks and I thought I would make one blog post and share with you guys. Work has been busy now that we are getting ready for the cold weather and holidays. I some how got off of work for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Not sure how I did that. I even got a raise at work which is really cool. We were planning on have Thanksgiving by us but plans have changed and my sister will be hosting it this year but we plan on hosting Christmas this year.

Couple of weeks ago I dyed my hair purple using Splat’s Midnight Amethyst. I use the formula for brunettes so I didn’t have to bleach my hair. It’s AWESOME! I love it! It’s supposed to last up to 6 weeks. I did mine about 4 weeks ago and the tips on the top are starting to fade slightly with a pink tinge. Otherwise it still looks about the same.

If already follow me on twitter then you would know that we are moving. Again. In the winter. Again. Why do we do this to ourselves? I don’t know. We live in big city and we are just tired of all of the drama that goes on with it and I’m not talking about the good kind of drama. Our apartment building is fine, in the 11 months we have no problems in the building, its the neighborhood. Way to much crime and to many sirens etc. In September even had someone sideswipe the front tire side of our new 2016 that we JUST got in April! Only real damage was needing a new tire and a small piece that is under the driver mirror. You can barely tell there is a dent above the tire, from far away it looks like it part of the car. There is also some minor scratches. But man. New car. New tires. New. And we will never find out who.

Anyways, we decided Halloween week that we were looking for a new place. In one week after looking at a few others, we found our new place in one of the areas I have been saying I wanted to move to. I emailed a few people, didn’t have much luck with them. Ether they were not very clear with the ads and were misleading. One was perfect but we found out later at the showing it was a affordable housing. Hello pool, fitness room, dishwasher and garbage disposal. Dang. Good thing we didn’t waste the $40 on the application. Another one, not so great. Wise words before showing a place. Clean the food off your god damn walls! That shit is gross. Plus she looked at me like I had three heads when asked your very normal and basic questions. Like, does it have washer and dryer hookups? Or is the security deposit same as rent? What is the pet deposit and fees?

So we will be moving out at the end of the month on the 30th and moving in on the 1st of dec. It is going to be a long 2 days. Plus we have to be out, returned keys and cleaned the apartment by the end of the 30th. Otherwise if we don’t return the keys by the end of the day we will be charged for December rent. Oh hell to the no. That is not happening. Right now we have been bring boxes over to my sisters apartment, she has a huge living room by the way. Our new place is only a 15-20 min walk from her, so we are super close. By doing this we are hoping to have mainly furniture on move out day.

I have each room is about half packed right now. Our bedroom was the easiest room to packed up. I have a few 3 drawer sterilite containers and bins holding bedding, important papers and other items. We don’t have a storage space at our current apartment. So everything is already contained. The living room is all packed except the video games and systems for the next 2 weeks. I just did the kitchen last night and packed up anything we are not using. So all of the glassware for cooking and eating and only kept out the plastic dishes. Then all I have to do is throw that stuff in a box the night before and done. Bathroom will be the night before we move out.

Speaking of my sister, she is due with baby spawn #2. April 1st is her due date. She finds out this week what she is having but wont be telling any one until she has her gender reveal party. Not sure when that will be. My niece wants a girl, since she is a girl and mommy is a girl. I think my sister also wants a girl but would be happy with a boy, her husband I think wants a boy. I think she will have a boy since she keeps say he unconsciously. I’m super excited to find out!

I not sure if anyone has heard of the site Udemy. Well, I signed up for a Reiki certification course. I haven’t started it yet since my work schedule has changed to more regularly and now we are packing to move. But I am hoping to start it for sure after we move and get settled. I’m scheduled at 7am but since we only have the one car and I don’t drive I take the bus so I have to wake up at 5am and by the time I get home I’m tired. I haven’t even watched tv or play video games much since starting this new schedule, and on my days off I’m packing and going through stuff I don’t want to pack and bring with.

17 thoughts on “Purple Hair, New Apartment, I’m a Auntie Again, Reiki Certification

  1. That’s a lovely hair color! I love that they’re making colors easy for brunettes to use as well.
    You have certainly got your hands full. Congratulations on your new place, and your soon to be niece or nephew!

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