Goals to work towards in 2018

Goals to work towards in 2018

Normally I don’t really do New Years Resolutions. Honestly I dont think I ever have. But I thought it would be a nice change to make some goals to work towards for the new year. So here is a list of things I would like to change or work towards in 2018.

  1. No soda. I’m not a huge soda drinker. The only time I really have soda is when we go out to eat or sometimes when I’m at work. We normally don’t buy soda for the house just to have unless its for mix drinks and I do like my rum and cokes at times. So for the occasional drink I think its fine. Like when I’m out of wine, and had a long day or week at work.
  2. No red meat. I would like to go completely no meat but we will see. Baby steps.
  3. Workout. Accordingly my Fitbit I already surpass the daily 10,000 steps. I do like 13,000-14,000 steps in a day. So Minimum of 3 days. Yoga. Squats. Something else.
  4. No unneeded spending. Enough said.
  5. Read 18 books for 2018.
  6. Downsize my closet. I still have to many clothes, shoes, jackets, etc. Help.
  7. GROW MY HAIR OUT. NO MORE PIXIE. I’m already half way where I want to be.
  8. Paint, create, art more.
  9. More sales in my Etsy shop. I sold 2 items this year.
  10. Blog more often.
  11. Finish my classes on Udemy. I have 6 classes that I paid for (paid no more the $12 for a class). Not taking any more till they are all done. 5 of 6 done so far.
  12. Finish Lost. Ive been watching it on and off for about 2 years now. Oops.
  13. Practice Mindfulness more.
  14. Banish the psoriasis from both shins. 3-5 years overstayed welcome. It has been lighten up slowly more and more but BE GONE!
  15. Shrink the products that are taking over the hallway closet. Face, hair, body products. I have too many.
  16. Drink more water. I fill up my 16oz bottle 1-2 times a day. So I’m half way there.
  17. Read tarot daily.
  18. Not to be so critical. On myself and others. I’m a Virgo. I’m sorry. I just cant stop sometimes.
So far that is my list. Nothing that I cant do. Just need self discipline to accomplish them. What are some of your goals you would like to work towards.

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