Later 2017 Here’s The Recap

Well 2017 is over and we are now in 2018. 2017 was a busy year for us. I wouldn’t say it was horrible but it wasn’t fantastic, it was good. It was a good mix of good and bad. For example our car, that we bought outright in cash, dying on us to getting a new car but now having car payments each month. Bittersweet.


Not only did we move once but twice. Well we moved in December 31, 2016 to our apartment in downtown milwaukee. I count it because it was pretty damn close to the new year of 2017. Then in December of 2017 we moved again, only to a much better area, outside of the side and more into the suburbs. It’s a 10 minute drive to work by car and 15-20 by bus. We also live 5 minutes by car from my sister and brother and law 20 minutes if we walk. The mall were I use to work at up until last August is basically in our back yard. Our new place is a little more in rent and we have to pay water, heat and electricity. But there are no pet fees at all, we are allowed to have up 2 cats. And we have our own parking spot and storage. We also can hook up our own washer and dyer if we wanted. We don’t have ether one right now but we plan to in the future. There is a building about two buildings over that have a coin washer and dyer were we can do our laundry. Later 2017 Here’s The Recap


In April our 2003 Hyundai, Elisa, died. We bought her in cash in August of 2015 right after my husband came back from being deployed for 10 months. It was Easter weekend, he had drill to go to the next weekend and he was on call that week for work for the place he was working at the time. It was a very hectic time, and we decided to was best if we traded her in for something newer. Well we didn’t think we were going to get Beatrice our 2016 Nession, she even has a backup cam and Bluetooth. I miss having all the space with a SVU but I do love our pretty little blue car.Later 2017 Here’s The Recap


Floki came to us in September, shortly after my birthday in August. We are still not sure if he was a stray or lost or what the case was. But no one reported him missing. So he is here to stay. It’s like having a child, he follows me everywhere and gets into everything and anything he can. Not that he’s bad, he’s just naughty at times and it nothing big. So far the only thing he has done is chew on my purse tassels. Thanks Floki , it’s a constant reminder of you. Every morning when I get up I’m greeted by a very chatty kitty. Trying to pour coffee and he’s there helping me. Scooping out his box, he’s there trying to lay in it. Trying to cook on the stove and you guessed it, he’s right there. He’s a very sweet boy when he’s not being naughty. Also every night I tell him its time for bed and we go into the bedroom and we go to sleep. Then in the morning whenever my husband comes home from work (third shift) he’s left out. Floki also has a Instagram that you can follow. Later 2017 Here’s The Recap


I opened my Etsy on April 1st 2017. In that time I have made 3 sales. I have a bunch of artwork, some jewelry and crystals for sale. I had been wanting to open a store for a a while and thought why not give it a try. Most of my art work is mandala’s with some watercolor paintings. They are all instant downloads. I would like to add more but not sure if I want to add more artwork or jewelry or crystals. Later 2017 Here’s The Recap


I had been working at the mall (the one I live by now) for about a year. I loved the girls I worked with but the hours where not enough and the pay was nothing. In August I applied to several jobs in retail and had interviews with them. The job I’m at now called me the next day and wanted to setup a interview. I had 2 interviews and got it. I have better pay and better hours. It’s also not far form were we live. I really like my job, I make everything look nice in jewelry and accessories so people will want to buy it.

My husband also got a new job in July. He was working for a restoration company and hated it. He would be on call for a week and sometimes would hardly work or would work 14 or more hours in that day or he would get a call at any given time. It would be hard to plan or do anything if he was on call. He now works for a company that distributes beer to stores and gets payed more. He enjoys he’s work a lot more now.


We found out in the fall, my sister and bother in law is expecting their 2nd child. It will be a boy and due in April. Not sure on what names she has picked out yet. But we are all very excited.


I started this blog in March of 2017. I have had blogs in the past but not keep up with them as I have with this one. I’m very proudly the fact I have wrote a blog post a least once a month. My best month was July, I had 1,158 views. I’m still not sure how I did that but I do think it had something to do with twitter. I revamped my twitter solely for my blog and it worked. I just haven’t been able to beat Julys stats so far.

But I think thats all for a recap of 2017.


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