Formula 10.0.6 -Two Great Mask’s To Try

I love face masks. Who doesnt? I found Formula 10.0.6 last summer while browsing around on online. They had quite a few choices to pick from. I decided to go with the Keep It Cool Mask and the Deep Down Detox Mask. At that time I was having bad breakouts and thought the detox mask and cooling mask would help my breakouts.

Formula 10.0.6 -Two Great Mask's To Try  Deep Down Detox Mask keep your cool

Deep Down Detox mask has Orange, Bergamot and Sea Salt to detoxify and clearer, brighter skin.  Orange is a great is a hydrator and brightener too. Boy does it smell great and makes you skin feel awesome. Normally I use it about 2 times a week. It takes 15 mins to dry, then wash it off.

This mask dries so fast smells so good. I love citrus smells. I also love how this mask feels after washing it off.  A little bit goes a long way which is nice. The price is not bad either, under $10 by me.

After I use a mask or cleanse my face I will use The Keep it cool mask. This mask is a gel and has greatly helped reduce the appearance of nasty breakouts of mine. It has a slight green/gold color  to help mask redness and give you a healthy glow. Coconut smooths any breakouts and the cucumber helps clam down the redness. This mask is so refreshing and cool on your face. Once its dry you can wash it off or you can keep it over night and wash off in the morning.

I love putting this one on when I’m having bad flare ups. The next morning I do notice a difference, not so red, not as painful and much smaller. You also don’t need a lot, a very thin layer, otherwise it feels kinda sticky if you put too much on. Also this product is under $10 as well. I think all of their products are around the same price.

Once these run out, I will be purchasing again and hopefully many more of their products.  As of right now I have my eye on a few already to try next.

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