My Hair Routine

Having short hair doesn’t mean you can always wash and go. Sometimes you can rock that bed head and it looks great. Other time not so much. As my hair is growing out from the pixie to a hopeful bob, it almost down to the bottom of my ears, it requires a little more love then just spritzing some water and go, but some days thats all it needs. Most of the time in the morning after I wake up my hair is sticking straight up in every direction. Not the look I go for.

So far this is what I use and do.


I use a thickening lotion, sea salt spray and a texture cream almost every day. I

2-3x a Week

I wash my hair with this volumizing shampoo and I also use a dry shampoo only if I really need it in between washes. I normally wash my hair every 2-3 days depending on how oily my hair gets. I also have very fine hair and when its oily it shows.

1-2x a Week

Hair mask. I love doing hair masks. Coconut oil is a great way to hydrate your hair and it also has many other benefits. I will sometimes use a deep conditioner once week besides the coconut oil. It just depends on the week and how my hair is feeling.

1-2 Months

Since having purple hair, I have to keep the color somewhat fresh looking and coverup those roots. I found a hair dye that doesn’t require me to bleach my brown hair. Thank you hair gods. In time as my hair grows out longer I plan to leave the ends colored and let my roots grow out and have a ombré affect. Well thats the plan right now, it might change again.


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