Clue-Cycle Tracker 

Tracking your cycle is important to do, long before I got a iPod touch in 2009 I use to track it by calendar. But once I got the iPod touch I searched for a app that would help me track  my cycle. Using a app has made it easier and more convenient over the years for me. I have tried a couple of apps over the years and I think I found the one.

Clue-Cycle Tracker 

The app is called Clue. I love this app. You can track your flow, fertility,  cravings, pain, mood, sleep, sex, energy, hair, skin and so much more.  It even tells you when PMS will be. Which I find this to really helpful and so does my husband. You can setup reminders to notify you when your fertility window is approaching, PMS, flow and birth control. The app is for apple and also for android.

I have now been using this app for the past 3-5 years now and it has not failed me. When it predicts the day it will start, it starts. I have reminders to remind me to log every few days. I even have it in my widget section on my iPhone so I can quickly add to it.

Clue-Cycle Tracker 

What other apps do you use to track your cycle?


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5 thoughts on “Clue-Cycle Tracker 

  1. I use clue as well! For a couple months now. The only thing I don’t seem to get right is the ovulation. For some reason I think that I don’t “feel” it? Ahaha or I just confuse it with something else.

    Other than that: I love the app! It has never failed me xx

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