Story behind my blog name

How I came about the name for my blog was by complete accident. About this time last year  I wanted to get back into blogging but wanted to change the name and feel of it. I just didn’t know what I wanted to change it too. Finally it hit me around march.

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We had moved in to a new apartment in January and was loving the amount of sunlight that was coming in from the windows. My plants also loved it.  I had placed a few plants, aloe, zebra and some cactus, in the window stills thinking that I was doing a good thing for them. Turns out it was way to much sun for some of them. My poor aloe plant use to be a nice bright and healthy green color with strong leaves was now a dark and sickly green with squishy leaves. My aloe plant was sunburned.

I felt horrible and moved the plant to spot in the kitchen that didn’t get as bright with sunlight. I only watered it once or twice in the 2-3 months of recovery. The plant is now back to its beautiful green color and even has new growth. All of the other  plants that were placed in the window have also made a recovery. Surprising the zebra plant has even sprouted new shoots. I will not make that mistake ever again. I had exposed them to to much sun to soon.

I would love to hear how your blog got its name.


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9 thoughts on “Story behind my blog name

  1. Great post! For the most part, the story of how I got my blog name (which is just my name) is kind of boring, but I will explain why included my middle name. So, a couple years ago I self published a book, with just my first and last name, and it turned out there was an author of academic psychiatric books with the same name, so on the Amazon page for my book (as well as Goodreads) if you click the author it takes you to a whole other person, who’s books I would be totally unqualified to write, and so when I created my blog, I decided to add my middle name into the mix.

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