5 Great Workout Apps

I thought I would share with you 5 work out apps that I think are great. I know trying to find a workout apps can be hard, since there are a lot to choose from out there.  Having an app on your phone, tablet or both can be helpful in your healthy lifestyle. Whats so nice about workout apps is on the days you don’t go to the gym, you can just go to an app and  workout in your home.  On days that I don’t go to the gym with my husband I workout at home using one or two of the apps I mention below.

5 Great Workout Apps

Yoga studio

This is one is my favorite yoga app. It has so many classes you can download and do. They offer Sun and earth salutations,  meditations, quick fix routines Yoga for back pain and Yoga for runners.   They also have beginner, intermediate and advance levels.  I bought the full version of the app a year ago, I believe it was around $5. I use this app on my iPad for when I do my yoga workout.

Pocket Yoga

Another app iPad that I use. They have many poses and different classes, like sun salutations,  ocean, mountain, and desert to choose from. I think it was again $5 for the full version.

30 Day Fitness

Gives you a nice range of workout to do, even for the free version which I have. They have 30 day challenge for abs, squats, arms, legs, butt, plank, cardio and push ups. It will send out reminders to you and will also set up a schedule with rest days.

Tone it up

This app is one that I just discoverd. It has daily workouts, on demand workouts and studio classes that you sign up at a certain time and  can chat with before and after the class.  Every week they send emails of workouts for that week. This app does have a monthly fee of I believe $12.


The fitbit app is awesome. I can track my steps, sleep, water, weight, and fitness. I love tracking all of that on my fitbit. Plus I can have friendly challenges with family and friends to see who reaches the most steps.

Do you have any other workout apps that you think are great?


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