How I Read Tarot

The way I read tarot is really easy and not everyone does it the same way. Some might be more elaborate with cloth, tarot box, crystals, alter, incense and candles. There are times when I do burn candles or incense but not every time. You can read tarot any way it feels comfortable to you and you can make it as simple or complicated as you want.

In a previous blog post I said I have been reading tarot since I was 16. In that time my ways have changed, many times. For a while I didn’t read any cards, I am not sure why, I just didn’t.  But over the last few years, I have have been reading more now and into a routine you could say. My collection has also grown since the last time I wrote about this subject.


I have a small collection of crystals compared to some. I don’t use crystals as much as I would like but I do use them to cleanse and protect my tarot cards from negative energies. I really would like to incorporate crystals in to my readings more and hopefully this year I will. I’m still figuring out how to, but most of the time I forget.

Whenever I get a new deck I always place my selenite crystal on top to cleanse the deck before I use it. Then after it has been cleansed I will then go through the cards and study, to get a feel for them. This also helps the cards and I connect. After I am done doing a reading, I put them back where I keep a clear quartz crystal on the shelf with all of my cards.


Daily- I pull a card daily for tarot, oracle and added a affirmation card on some days.

Weekly- I like to pull a card for the theme of the week by using oracle and tarot.

Monthly – Again tarot and oracle theme for the month.

New Moon & Full Moon  – This is somthing new that I have started doing. I will do a spread for the New Moon for setting intentions. It is the best time to manifest and new beginnings. Full moon is the results of your intentions.

Past present and future – Occasionally I like to do a past present and future reading. There are so many ways you can do this reading, love money and home or mind, body and spirit.

I then record all of my readings in my wellness planner. I like having a place to store all of my readings in one place. It is also easy to reference back to if I need to. Pinterest is a great way to find other spreads, there are so many it’s ridiculous. And there are times where a week is really busy and don’t get to doing a reading for that week or day or whatever it may be, and that’s okay.

So that is how I read tarot at the moment. I would love to hear your thoughts.


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22 thoughts on “How I Read Tarot

  1. WOW this is so interesting! I’ve never met anyone who read tarot cards. Do you read just for yourself or do you read them for your friends also? This is a great post, very unique!

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  2. In my 30s and just dipping my toes in tarot and I hope to make it a routine. Thank you for making this post easy and straight forward. 👍

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  3. Can I just say I’m drooling over that selenite?!? 😍 and one of the things I love about tarot is how its such a personal tool, everyone reads in their own style and it’s lovely to see how others read their cards Cx

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  4. I’ve been reading for a few years now, and I’ve been wanting to use more crystals in my readings. Right now, all I have are some large chunks of amethyst I use to cleanse and protect my space. I’ve also done some intense readings before, and I like to protect myself now by having at least one candle lit, and sometimes opening a circle. I do think that simple readings can be the most guiding ones.

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  5. As a tarot professional I think this is a great way to learn the cards in multidimensional ways. It can be overwhelming to learn all of them at once, so simple spreads or themes/lessons of the day with 1-3 cards will result in mastery quickly! We also bank things into long term memory when they are personally relatable so in my opinion it’s a far better way than simply reading a book and memorizing it


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