February Blogger Spotlight

I can’t believe that we are half way through February. Pretty soon it will be march, and  hopefully March will have warmer weather this year in Wisconsin. Anyways,  here is this months Blogger Spotlight, Melina from ivefoundwaldo.  Basically I sent Melina some questions and she answered them for us to get to know her better.

  • Can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?
    Well, my name’s Melina. I’m a 23 blogger from the United States. I live super close to New York City, so I like to spend most of my weekends there! I like to blog about Beauty, Lifestyle, and Travel! Also, I’m a Slytherin.


  • What inspired you to start your blog?
    I was in an extremely low point in my life. I was going to therapy, and one day my therapist asked what was one thing I’ve always wanted to do. I told her that I always wanted to create a blog. She told me that I should do it. She said it was going to be a positive hobby to have and keep my mind off of the negative. Here I am over a year later! Extremely grateful that she pushed me to create a blog.


  • Who are your three favorite bloggers or influencers and why?
    This is always the hardest question that’s always asked in the blogging community. There is so much talent, and I find it extremely hard to pinpoint just one. It’s tough to choose just three! I would definitely have to say The Little Plum from http://thelittleplum.co.uk/. I actually made  post and included her as one of my favorite bloggers. She’s just so down to earth, honest and real. Every post she creates just sucks me in. I also love Maria from https://www.mariaj.co.uk/. She’s one of those people that you look at in the blogging industry and you think that she has the full package. She’s really winning in the blogging game, and I am so proud of her! She’s such a doll. Last but not least, I would include Lydia from https://lydiaelisemillen.com/. I actually found her YouTube channel before finding her blog. Now I find that I love her blog so much more than her YouTube channel. She just has a wonderful way with words. All three of them do! They are so unapologetically themselves, and for that I love them and their blogs.


  • What inspires you to keep moving forward with your blog?
    I honestly don’t know what else I would be doing. I love blogging so  much. It makes me so happy. Sometimes there are certain aspects that I don’t like about blogging, but I wouldn’t give up blogging for anything. I love having a place where I can express myself and my thoughts.  I love the sense of community blogging gives me. I love meeting like-minded people. There is so much positivity and happiness blogging has brought me, that blogging helps me move forward with my own life! It gives me ambition and drive.


  • What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to start their very own blog?
    You’re going to look online for a way to have a successful blog. Everyone’s going to give you these roundabout answers that don’t really help at all. The one piece of advice is to just start. It’s a work in progress. You will get better. You have to be patient. Get involved with the community, they are so nice, and will help you along the way. Finally, write about what you want to, forget about niches or whatever anyone else tells you. People notice when you’re writing about something you genuinely want to talk about. (Sorry, I honestly have so much advice to give, that I couldn’t give only one!)

    – Melina Pena


I hope you enjoyed this months blogger spotlight! If anyone is interested in being featured in March Blogger Spotlight, please use the box below or shoot me an email at sunburntaloe@gmail.com with the subject as March Blogger Spotlight.


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