Life Update: New Nephew, Second Cat , Hair Color and More!

Its been awhile since I did one of these post. My life has been a little eventful and was sick with a cold and dealing with a pinched nerve in my back I thought I would share some of the highlights and things I have been enjoying lately.

New Nephew


Our nephew was born on April 2nd, one after his due date, April 1st which was Easter and April Fools day! Here is a picture of him smiling. What a cutie.

 Second Cat

Floki and Bjorn

We adopted another kitty last month on March 22nd. He was brought up from Mississppi just a few days before we went to the shelter and adpoted him.  That very day he was placed up for adoption. For three weeks we kept the boys seprated and after one day of meeting Bjorn and Floki became best buds as you can see in the picture. I didn’t think they would become good friends that quickly, I thought for sure it would be a while before they started sharing a bed.

New Hair Color


I am loving this ruby-red by Splat. I put the red right over the fading orange since it was light enough for me to do that.

 Eyeshadow Palettes

Left :Milkshake Right:Sugar

How pretty are these shadows from Face Candy? Lately I have been playing a lot with the Milkshake palette. Milkshake is an all matte palette and is a dupe for Just Peachy by Too Faced. Sugar is also a dupe for Sweet Peach by Too Faced. They blend really nicely and I just love them, perfect for spring I feel.

Far cry 5

This game is NUTS! I must have played a week straight, which is okay because I did hurt my back and  havent been able to do much. My Husband finished it in one week. I still have quite a bit to do in the game still. It has been my one of my favorites game so far.

Health Insurance

We finally have good affordable coverage from my husbands work and it is so awesome to be able to get my insulin, I take a long acting and short acting, for $20 a month. For three pens of my long acting insulin it would cost us roughly $274 if we didn’t have insurance.  It is great to be able to go to the doctor when you have a pinched nerve in your back. Or to set up an appointment to see a dermatologist for the psoriasis that will not go away from both fronts of your shins in the last 6 years or more. Before I was able to go to a free clinic and I would  get my insulin every month but it was always a long wait, sometime 1-2 hours before being seen by a doctor.

Thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “Life Update: New Nephew, Second Cat , Hair Color and More!

    1. Thank you! I’m just going through the rainbow. Lol though I have a feeling that by summer/fall I’ll be purple again. It just always happens. 😏 But it is starting to have a slight pinky look too it and I’m fine with that. 😊


    1. Yes. I never even qualified for state insurance which I don’t understand. But I’m so glad we have it now especially since we want to start a family soon and any pregnancy would be a high risk because I’m diabetic.

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  1. As a cat lover and proud aunt to two little nephews, I’m over here aww-ing at those pictures. Your red hair looks perfect for the coming summer! You’ve made me want to dye mine (I’m just so lazy…) AND want to take a couple hours off for gaming…

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