Bloggers spotlight- Thinklikeart

Here is this months Blogger Spotlight, Sidra who runs Thinklikeart. Her blog is about art,   traveling and life.   Basically I sent out a tweet on twitter, asking who would like to be part of blogger spotlight by answering some questions for us to get to know them better.

* Can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?

My name is Sidra and my blog is called Thinklikeart. I am an artist currently looking for my passion. My blog is basically about my travels, things that I love, creativeness and struggles of everything.

*What inspired you to start your blog?

What inspired me to start my own blog is my sisters, they are the ones who mentioned about me starting my own blog to portray my creative work and thinking. I feel like blogging is a way to gain my confidence in telling everyone what I love and do.

*Who are your three favorite bloggers or influencers and why?

There are two bloggers that I am currently loving right now which are @1weekmary and @BwithBlueblog, it’s because I just love what they post. They influence me a lot because, they taught me that you can have good and bad days of blogging, like everything doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to force yourself to write a blog post when you’re not feeling it.

*What inspires you to keep moving forward with your blog?

Just seeing others doing so well with their blogs and reading posts that make you feel it’s okay to have good and bad days.

*What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to start their very own blog?

That you should defiantly go for it, the blogging community will make you feel so welcome.

Your will gain a lot of confidence and knowledge.

You’ll get to make a lot of blogging friends as well

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