How To Get Out Of A Funk And Get Motivated

Every one has moments where they get into a funk. It can be because your doing to much, feeling uninspired, or to much of nothing. It can also be from SAD-Seasonal Affective Disorder which is more of a environmental issue. A lack of sunshine, under artificial lights, and even when the sun is outside, being covered from head to toe and not spending the amount of time outside like we would in the warmer months.

When I start feeling kinda blah or in a funk I like to ether pick up a book or tv series that I have been kinda interested in and is on my list to read or watch. For an example, I kinda wanted to start watching Riverdale, but wasn’t sure about it. Then one week I was in a blah kinda funk and put it on in the background, next thing I knew I was half a season in. I also find Pinterest and youtube both great sources to fall down the rabbit hole and come out with something fresh. Two words: Shane Dawson.

So here is a list of ways I like to get out of a funk.

  • Go for a walk  
  • Listen to music
  • Laugh
  • Create Art
  • Try baking/cooking
  • Make a cup of tea
  • Read a book
  • Browse Pinterest
  • New Tv series
  • Try colouring
  • Declutter/clean
  • Start working out
  • Try doing yoga.
  • Have a bath or shower
  • Watch a movie
  • New haircut/color
  • Dance and sing
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Dress up
  • Write a list
  • Phone a friend
  • Youtube

15 thoughts on “How To Get Out Of A Funk And Get Motivated

  1. Browsing Pinterest, creating art, and dressing up are my top three! Thanks for sharing! I’m always looking for some new motivation and inspiration!

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  2. Going for a walk and listening to music is something I do to stop myself from being in a funk about something!! It’s amazong what fresh air can do for your soul and mind!

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  3. Excellent suggestions. I do a lot of these when I’m in a funk, but also when I just need something to fill in a bit of time. It’s amazing how doing a small task or even just getting outside for a bit really helps to bring the motivation back.

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  4. Dress up is my fav on this list! There’s nothing that really changes my mood than just really dolling myself up for no reason or person other than for myself.

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  5. Fantastic ideas! Although ive had to ban myself from Youtube for a while because the rabbit hole is real and i was pretty much spending my life that in there! 🙈
    I’ve not had much motivation for the blog of late as ive been spending alot of time sorting out the house, decorating etc.
    I love a good book and baking to get me out of my funks, which ive spent some time lately doing both too when I’ve not been doing things on the house… It gives my mind some calm and helps me chill out a little easier 💖.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Much Love,
    Laura xx 🌹

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  6. Great list to get out of a funk. My favorite has to be Dance and sing. I will play music on my Google mini and whenever a good song comes up, I dance to it. My daughter dances with me and things always seem better after that. Thank you for the post. Raheela


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