22 Easy Ways To Be Happier This Year

At some point or another we start feeling drained and burned out or maybe picked up some bad habits that can cause you to feel tired and worn out. It’s best to take a pause and give yourself a good look, so you can try to improve your energy and happiness levels every day.

Here are some ways to help you from having your energy drained (both spiritually and physically) and to be happier throughout the year.

  • Put your devices away for an hour.
  • Be more grateful.
  • Go to sleep a little earlier. Allow yourself enough sleep to wake up refreshed.
  • Doing to much.
  • Spend more time outside. Take walks. Stand in the sun. More nature, more life!
  • Let yourself be sad without guilt. Don’t wish you felt better right away. Sometimes you need to be sad.
  • Write down your goals. Track your progress and make adjustment to your goals as needed.
  • Make a vision board. 
  • Spend some time alone. Sometime alone is good for you.
  • Start a journal.  Write about the day.
  • Read more books. 
  • Eat a healthy.
  • Move your body more.  Lift weights, try yoga , do Zumba, dance. Get moving. 
  • Learn something.  Learning is good for you. Never stop. 
  • Take daily quiet time. Try meditation.
  • Get rid of some things. Don’t let yourself be buried in clutter. If it doesn’t make bring you joy, you probably don’t need it. 
  • Spending unnecessary money.
  • Celebrate victories. Big or small.
  • Make people smile. One of the fastest ways to feel happy is by making someone else happy. Do a good deed. Smile at a stranger. Volunteer your time. Buy someone a meal. 
  • Say no. Stop saying yes and feeling obligated to do things that you don’t want to do.
  • Focus on the long term goals. 
  • Have more fun. 

10 thoughts on “22 Easy Ways To Be Happier This Year

  1. Lots of great ideas here! I especially need to work on the putting my electronics away and letting myself be sad sometimes and just grieve things. I tend to try to push my feelings to the side sometimes and stay strong, but it just makes things worse in the end. So that’s definitely a good idea! Thanks for sharing 😊



  2. These are some pretty good tips and I love that they are all easy to do for pretty much everyone! A lot of times these types of lists suggest things that are great but ultimately not possible due to cost etc. Love it!

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  3. Lots of good ideas on this list. I do a few of them as it is, though putting the phone away can be difficult. Unfortunately, I run the majority of my business through the phone and social media.

    I do try to put it down for good parts of time throughout the day though.

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  4. I’m definitely focusing on having more fun this year, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and go for my dream career rather than settling for one because of a quick, steady income. Eating healthier and exercising always makes me feel better as it gives me so much more energy and I’ve also downloaded an app recently called “HappyFeed” and it prompts you to put in 3 things every day that you’re grateful for. You can then scroll back on all your memories and it’s a really great thing to have 🙂
    Alice Xx

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