6 Blogging Tools Any Blogger Needs

Blogging can be sometimes overwhelming. I decided to put together a list of blogging tools that helped me with my blogging game by keeping me organize and on track. I’m no expert but I’m hoping it will be helpful to you. These are 6 blogging tool that I think any blogger needs.
  1. Twitter- My blog has exploded by using twitter. I started this blog in March/April of 2017 and got some traffic and didn’t start using twitter until July 2017. The amount of traffic i get now just from twitter is unreal. Twitter chats and RT accounts are super helpful for connecting to other bloggers. I recommend joining a twitter chat just 1-2 a week and see for your self.
  2. Hootsuite – This has been really helpful getting word out about my blog and my  Twitter RT account. I can tell the difference on my blog  when I don’t have it setup for day. I use Hootsuite  to schedule tweets for my Twitter & RT account Blogging Bees RT.  I love that I can have all three under one and manage them in one place.
  3. Planner– A planner is really helpful in planning blog post, tracking views and so much more. I use a happy planner and I plan out the blog posts I would like to write-up and schedule any posts for my blog and twitter.
  4. Photo Editing Software– Snapseed  is a great app for editing photos, best part its free. I have it on my phone and iPad. I wish they had it for desktop/laptop. I love Adobe Spark. I think I make all of my blog titles in adobe spark.  They have a mobile app and desktop version. Both are free. Canva is anther great app that can be used for photo editing. You can use canva on mobile and desktop, but with mobile I find a little tricky at times.
  5. Camera– Most of the time I use my phone camera on my iPhone 11 for convenience. Even though I have a really nice Nikon COOLPIX P520. I really need to break that bad boy out again and use it more often. You don’t need a fancy camera. If you only have a cell phone then that’s okay. Or if you’re not into taking pictures for your blog that okay too.
  6. Computer/tablet– You need ether one to write blog posts on. I know a few  bloggers who write only on a phone because that’s all they have and that okay too. What ever works for you. I myself use my MacBook pro and my iPod pro. Sometime I will use my husbands Chromebook that we bought last year at tax time for under $200 at walmart, which if I didn’t have my MacBook or iPad, I would have bought one for myself. The battery life is now better than my MacBook. I’m jealous.
So that’s all I use for my blog right now. What tools do you use for blogging?

3 thoughts on “6 Blogging Tools Any Blogger Needs

  1. I really need to consider these things for the future when I'm ready to add in the extra time to really fine tune everything.Thanks for the advice I really like you're Blogging Bees RT page it's really useful.


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