Story behind my blog name

How I came about the name for my blog was by complete accident. About this time last year  I wanted to get back into blogging but wanted to change the name and feel of it. I just didn’t know what I wanted to change it too. Finally it hit me around march.

Lifestyle Blog alternative health beauty makeup DIY bullet journaling

We had moved in to a new apartment in January and was loving the amount of sunlight that was coming in from the windows. My plants also loved it.  I had placed a few plants, aloe, zebra and some cactus, in the window stills thinking that I was doing a good thing for them. Turns out it was way to much sun for some of them. My poor aloe plant use to be a nice bright and healthy green color with strong leaves was now a dark and sickly green with squishy leaves. My aloe plant was sunburned.

I felt horrible and moved the plant to spot in the kitchen that didn’t get as bright with sunlight. I only watered it once or twice in the 2-3 months of recovery. The plant is now back to its beautiful green color and even has new growth. All of the other  plants that were placed in the window have also made a recovery. Surprising the zebra plant has even sprouted new shoots. I will not make that mistake ever again. I had exposed them to to much sun to soon.

I would love to hear how your blog got its name.


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Christmas 2017-What I Got

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I know I did and I thought I would share with you what I got for Christmas. This Christmas I didn’t really ask for much since I only had a few items on my list.

My husband knew i have been wanting a Fitbit for the the past year or so. I wanted the lavender Fitbit Flex 2 since I think the color is so pretty. I love my Fitbit. I hit my 10,000 step goal every day by noon when I work. No joke. The days that I’m off I normally don’t hit 10,000 but I’m pretty close. I don’t really try on my off days since 5 day of the week I’m well over my goal. I think one day I was at 17,000. Which is a lot. On any given work day I’m around 15,000 steps by the end of the day.

Christmas 2017-What I Got fit bit

I got a dragon candle, bath and body lotionl and perfume from my husbands family. I love the smell of the perfume and lotion, I think I might have to get the perfume in a bigger size when I run out. I will not be burning the dragon candle at all since its so cool. It is a very unique gift.

Christmas 2017-What I Got lotion purfumeChristmas 2017-What I Got candle

I also got a 16gb HD Kindle Fire 8 . Since I got my iPad Pro I no longer use my Nexus 7. The Nexus 7 also has never been the same since that one update about 3 years ago and barely worked. I would really only use it for my ebooks since I didn’t want to take my iPad Pro on the bus or to work. It’s just too big to fit in a small purse. I picked out the yellow case for it for something bight and fun instead of my normal colors I pick. I also got a 32gb memory card to go with it.Christmas 2017-What I Got fitbit lotion perfume amazon kindle fire hd


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Udemy classes-What I’m Taking

Happy New Year!

I thought I would start the New Year by taking some classes online.

I am not sure if any you have heard of Udemy.  But its a site were you can take classes that others teach. Some are paid and some are free. I have a quite a bit that are on my wish list that are free and I have paid for 6 classes. The only time I pay for any of the classes is when they have sales. So the most I have paid for one is probably $12. They seem to have sales like that once a month or so. You can earn certitficates of completion which is cool.

What so nice about these classes is that you can take your time completing them. So at your own pace. The classes that I paid for  I have classes on Tarot Reading, Crystal Healing,  Certified Reiki Practitioner (Levels I, II and Master Level),  Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner,  Certified Crystal Reiki Master and Certified Mindfulness Practitioner (Level I, II, III & Master).

Most of them I bought in the summer/fall, but now Im starting a few classes.  The one that I started recentlyand enjoying is the Reiki (levels I, II, Master).  And I think Im going to also start the Mindfullness class as well.  Over the summer I  have already completed the Crystal Healing course and received a certificate.

I thought this is a neat thing to share. I love learning new stuff and I know I dont need to have a certificate but I want to earn one, especially for the Reiki.  Even if I dont use it for any other use but my own, for me, pets and maybe some family. Thats okay with me, to me it shows I took the the time to learn.  I also compared all the classes that I  bought before I jumped into it and I think I found the best ones for myself. There are a few more that I want to get but Im waiting for when they have a sale again. They  just have so many classes to choose from its unreal.

I hope you aleast check out the site and see if you find anything that seems interesting to you.

Later 2017 Here’s The Recap

Well 2017 is over and we are now in 2018. 2017 was a busy year for us. I wouldn’t say it was horrible but it wasn’t fantastic, it was good. It was a good mix of good and bad. For example our car, that we bought outright in cash, dying on us to getting a new car but now having car payments each month. Bittersweet.


Not only did we move once but twice. Well we moved in December 31, 2016 to our apartment in downtown milwaukee. I count it because it was pretty damn close to the new year of 2017. Then in December of 2017 we moved again, only to a much better area, outside of the side and more into the suburbs. It’s a 10 minute drive to work by car and 15-20 by bus. We also live 5 minutes by car from my sister and brother and law 20 minutes if we walk. The mall were I use to work at up until last August is basically in our back yard. Our new place is a little more in rent and we have to pay water, heat and electricity. But there are no pet fees at all, we are allowed to have up 2 cats. And we have our own parking spot and storage. We also can hook up our own washer and dyer if we wanted. We don’t have ether one right now but we plan to in the future. There is a building about two buildings over that have a coin washer and dyer were we can do our laundry. Later 2017 Here’s The Recap


In April our 2003 Hyundai, Elisa, died. We bought her in cash in August of 2015 right after my husband came back from being deployed for 10 months. It was Easter weekend, he had drill to go to the next weekend and he was on call that week for work for the place he was working at the time. It was a very hectic time, and we decided to was best if we traded her in for something newer. Well we didn’t think we were going to get Beatrice our 2016 Nession, she even has a backup cam and Bluetooth. I miss having all the space with a SVU but I do love our pretty little blue car.Later 2017 Here’s The Recap


Floki came to us in September, shortly after my birthday in August. We are still not sure if he was a stray or lost or what the case was. But no one reported him missing. So he is here to stay. It’s like having a child, he follows me everywhere and gets into everything and anything he can. Not that he’s bad, he’s just naughty at times and it nothing big. So far the only thing he has done is chew on my purse tassels. Thanks Floki , it’s a constant reminder of you. Every morning when I get up I’m greeted by a very chatty kitty. Trying to pour coffee and he’s there helping me. Scooping out his box, he’s there trying to lay in it. Trying to cook on the stove and you guessed it, he’s right there. He’s a very sweet boy when he’s not being naughty. Also every night I tell him its time for bed and we go into the bedroom and we go to sleep. Then in the morning whenever my husband comes home from work (third shift) he’s left out. Floki also has a Instagram that you can follow. Later 2017 Here’s The Recap


I opened my Etsy on April 1st 2017. In that time I have made 3 sales. I have a bunch of artwork, some jewelry and crystals for sale. I had been wanting to open a store for a a while and thought why not give it a try. Most of my art work is mandala’s with some watercolor paintings. They are all instant downloads. I would like to add more but not sure if I want to add more artwork or jewelry or crystals. Later 2017 Here’s The Recap


I had been working at the mall (the one I live by now) for about a year. I loved the girls I worked with but the hours where not enough and the pay was nothing. In August I applied to several jobs in retail and had interviews with them. The job I’m at now called me the next day and wanted to setup a interview. I had 2 interviews and got it. I have better pay and better hours. It’s also not far form were we live. I really like my job, I make everything look nice in jewelry and accessories so people will want to buy it.

My husband also got a new job in July. He was working for a restoration company and hated it. He would be on call for a week and sometimes would hardly work or would work 14 or more hours in that day or he would get a call at any given time. It would be hard to plan or do anything if he was on call. He now works for a company that distributes beer to stores and gets payed more. He enjoys he’s work a lot more now.


We found out in the fall, my sister and bother in law is expecting their 2nd child. It will be a boy and due in April. Not sure on what names she has picked out yet. But we are all very excited.


I started this blog in March of 2017. I have had blogs in the past but not keep up with them as I have with this one. I’m very proudly the fact I have wrote a blog post a least once a month. My best month was July, I had 1,158 views. I’m still not sure how I did that but I do think it had something to do with twitter. I revamped my twitter solely for my blog and it worked. I just haven’t been able to beat Julys stats so far.

But I think thats all for a recap of 2017.


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Goals to work towards in 2018

Normally I don’t really do New Years Resolutions. Honestly I dont think I ever have. But I thought it would be a nice change to make some goals to work towards for the new year. So here is a list of things I would like to change or work towards in 2018.

  1. No soda. I’m not a huge soda drinker. The only time I really have soda is when we go out to eat or sometimes when I’m at work. We normally don’t buy soda for the house just to have unless its for mix drinks and I do like my rum and cokes at times. So for the occasional drink I think its fine. Like when I’m out of wine, and had a long day or week at work.
  2. No red meat. I would like to go completely no meat but we will see. Baby steps.
  3. Workout. Accordingly my Fitbit I already surpass the daily 10,000 steps. I do like 13,000-14,000 steps in a day. So Minimum of 3 days. Yoga. Squats. Something else.
  4. No unneeded spending. Enough said.
  5. Read 18 books for 2018.
  6. Downsize my closet. I still have to many clothes, shoes, jackets, etc. Help.
  7. GROW MY HAIR OUT. NO MORE PIXIE. I’m already half way where I want to be.
  8. Paint, create, art more.
  9. More sales in my Etsy shop. I sold 2 items this year.
  10. Blog more often.
  11. Finish my classes on Udemy. I have 6 classes that I paid for (paid no more the $12 for a class). Not taking any more till they are all done. 5 of 6 done so far.
  12. Finish Lost. Ive been watching it on and off for about 2 years now. Oops.
  13. Practice Mindfulness more.
  14. Banish the psoriasis from both shins. 3-5 years overstayed welcome. It has been lighten up slowly more and more but BE GONE!
  15. Shrink the products that are taking over the hallway closet. Face, hair, body products. I have too many.
  16. Drink more water. I fill up my 16oz bottle 1-2 times a day. So I’m half way there.
  17. Read tarot daily.
  18. Not to be so critical. On myself and others. I’m a Virgo. I’m sorry. I just cant stop sometimes.

So far that is my list. Nothing that I cant do. Just need self discipline to accomplish them. What are some of your goals you would like to work towards.

Purple Hair, New Apartment, I’m a Auntie Again, Reiki Certification

A lot has been going on the last few weeks and I thought I would make one blog post and share with you guys. Work has been busy now that we are getting ready for the cold weather and holidays. I some how got off of work for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Not sure how I did that. I even got a raise at work which is really cool. We were planning on have Thanksgiving by us but plans have changed and my sister will be hosting it this year but we plan on hosting Christmas this year.

Couple of weeks ago I dyed my hair purple using Splat’s Midnight Amethyst. I use the formula for brunettes so I didn’t have to bleach my hair. It’s AWESOME! I love it! It’s supposed to last up to 6 weeks. I did mine about 4 weeks ago and the tips on the top are starting to fade slightly with a pink tinge. Otherwise it still looks about the same.

If already follow me on twitter then you would know that we are moving. Again. In the winter. Again. Why do we do this to ourselves? I don’t know. We live in big city and we are just tired of all of the drama that goes on with it and I’m not talking about the good kind of drama. Our apartment building is fine, in the 11 months we have no problems in the building, its the neighborhood. Way to much crime and to many sirens etc. In September even had someone sideswipe the front tire side of our new 2016 that we JUST got in April! Only real damage was needing a new tire and a small piece that is under the driver mirror. You can barely tell there is a dent above the tire, from far away it looks like it part of the car. There is also some minor scratches. But man. New car. New tires. New. And we will never find out who.

Anyways, we decided Halloween week that we were looking for a new place. In one week after looking at a few others, we found our new place in one of the areas I have been saying I wanted to move to. I emailed a few people, didn’t have much luck with them. Ether they were not very clear with the ads and were misleading. One was perfect but we found out later at the showing it was a affordable housing. Hello pool, fitness room, dishwasher and garbage disposal. Dang. Good thing we didn’t waste the $40 on the application. Another one, not so great. Wise words before showing a place. Clean the food off your god damn walls! That shit is gross. Plus she looked at me like I had three heads when asked your very normal and basic questions. Like, does it have washer and dryer hookups? Or is the security deposit same as rent? What is the pet deposit and fees?

So we will be moving out at the end of the month on the 30th and moving in on the 1st of dec. It is going to be a long 2 days. Plus we have to be out, returned keys and cleaned the apartment by the end of the 30th. Otherwise if we don’t return the keys by the end of the day we will be charged for December rent. Oh hell to the no. That is not happening. Right now we have been bring boxes over to my sisters apartment, she has a huge living room by the way. Our new place is only a 15-20 min walk from her, so we are super close. By doing this we are hoping to have mainly furniture on move out day.

I have each room is about half packed right now. Our bedroom was the easiest room to packed up. I have a few 3 drawer sterilite containers and bins holding bedding, important papers and other items. We don’t have a storage space at our current apartment. So everything is already contained. The living room is all packed except the video games and systems for the next 2 weeks. I just did the kitchen last night and packed up anything we are not using. So all of the glassware for cooking and eating and only kept out the plastic dishes. Then all I have to do is throw that stuff in a box the night before and done. Bathroom will be the night before we move out.

Speaking of my sister, she is due with baby spawn #2. April 1st is her due date. She finds out this week what she is having but wont be telling any one until she has her gender reveal party. Not sure when that will be. My niece wants a girl, since she is a girl and mommy is a girl. I think my sister also wants a girl but would be happy with a boy, her husband I think wants a boy. I think she will have a boy since she keeps say he unconsciously. I’m super excited to find out!

I not sure if anyone has heard of the site Udemy. Well, I signed up for a Reiki certification course. I haven’t started it yet since my work schedule has changed to more regularly and now we are packing to move. But I am hoping to start it for sure after we move and get settled. I’m scheduled at 7am but since we only have the one car and I don’t drive I take the bus so I have to wake up at 5am and by the time I get home I’m tired. I haven’t even watched tv or play video games much since starting this new schedule, and on my days off I’m packing and going through stuff I don’t want to pack and bring with.