5 must have iPad accessories

Here is a list of my favorite iPad accessories that I use daily and that I find to be worth mentioning.

2021 iPad 9th gen 256Gb– I recently upgraded to an iPad with more storage. I was using a 2016 iPad pro with 32GB. But even with paying for cloud storage, I didn’t have enough room for all of my artwork and apps. I’m glad I upgraded but I slightly wished I would have gone with the iPad Pro 11 inch screen. The 10.2-inch screen is an upgrade from 9.7inchs but it would be nice sometimes to have that little bit more when drawing. At the time my main concern was storage and price. Overall, I’m very pleased.

Zagg pro keyboard caseThis is a great keyboard and case combo with an apple pencil holder. This case comes in two parts. The first part is a shell case that covers the back of your tablet. The second part of the case is the magnetic keyboard cover that protects the screen and can detach from the iPad if you are just wanting to use the shell case.

Paper-like screen protector– I have used many matte screen protectors in the past but nothing like Paper-like. It is textured like paper but at the same time smooth. It does not distort the screen like some that I have used in the past. I also noticed that I don’t hear that s scratchy noise if I’m scrolling through on my iPad.

Apple Pencil 1 gen– Yes I’m still using my first-generation Apple pencil with the 2021 9th gen iPad. I love using my apple pencil for drawing and in my digital planner. It is a must if you use Art apps like procreate or note-taking apps like good notes.

Silicone apple pencil cover– Thin and comfy enough for drawing or note-taking. It also comes in a variety of colors to choose from. I can also fit in the pencil holder of the Zagg pro case.

iPad sitting on a desk with a keyboard and AirPods .

List of free Procreate Brushes

Lately I have been a bit obsessed with the procreate app and lettering. I use the Apple Pencil with my IPad Pro. Let me say. It is awesome! I haven’t use Procreate for anything else but lettering yet, but they give you a nice amount of brushes to use.


After playing around with Procreate, I was looking at tutorials and found that you can download brushes and import them into the app. How awesome! Can you guess where this is going? Well after finding this out, I started looking for more brushes to add to my library. I found a few that offer free brushes.  So far my favorite is The Pigeons Letter Brush pen and a few others from IPad Lettering.

I thought I would share a list of the ones I have found so far.

Free Brushes

Free Procreate Brushes: a stockpile of all my freebies!– Missy Meyer

New Procreate Brushes + Freebies!–The Pigeons Letters

Freebies -Ipad Lettering

Procreate App Brushes for Hand Lettering–Rad and Happy

Procreate Brushes by Melissa Cabral

Here is a list from ByDawnNicole –My Favorite iPad Lettering Brushes for Procreate of more brushes.  I believe that most of these you have to pay for but thought it might be helpful to someone also.