Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Here is another blog  post ideas that I find is helpful when you might be stuck on what to write about next or you just need some brainstorming. You can read my other Blog Post Ideas for Blogging, Skincare and Organising.

why you started a blog
how to get followers via email
daily routine
house/apartment tour
weekend recap/vlog
have someone guest post on your blog
your planning essentials
“Plan With Me” post
create a freebie
things to do on a mental health day
ways to kick depression
fun at-home exercises (with and/or without equipment)
places to visit in your city
DIY furniture creation
your current wishlist
your morning routine
ideas for date nights
review a book you just read
top 10 favorite movies
current music playlist
current favorite vloggers/YouTubers
how to get followers on Instagram
how you edit your Instagram photos
your favorite Twitter chats
your favorite bloggers
talk about something you love to do and why
seasonal bucket list (fall, winter, spring, summer)
monthly/yearly goals
10 five-minute healthy meals
your workout playlist
ask your reader’s something and give your answer
your must-haves for a good day
5 ways to brighten someone’s day
things that make you happy
things that grind your gears
how you stay creative
respond to someone else’s blog post
top 10 favorite TV shows
your night routine
monthly favorites


I hope this helps you!



Blog Post Ideas- Blogging

Here is another list of blog post ideas for your blog,  if you need a little inspiration for a topic to write about. This is more generic list to help jump-start those creative juices. I really have found making lists for blog topics really do help, since I can always go back and review the list for an idea.

Blog Post Ideas
How I Promote My Blog
How To Use Pinterest To Increase Traffic
Mistakes Bloggers Make
How To Create Flatlays
Blogger Resources
Mistakes YouTubers Make
How To Create Good Thumbnails
How To Use SEO To Increase Traffic/Views
YouTuber Resources
Blog Tips + Advice
Behind The Scenes As A YouTuber
Blogging On A Budget
YouTubing On A Budget
How To Use A Blog Planner
Monthly Round-up (showcase that month’s best posts/videos)
How To Make Money On YouTube
How To Monetise Your Blog
How To Self-Host Your Blog
How To Use Affiliate Marketing
From The Archives (promote and/or edit old posts)
Things Bloggers Are Sick Of Hearing
How To Grow Your Social Media Following
What I’ve Learnt From Blogging
One Year On YouTube
My Blog Schedule
Photo Editing Tips
Blog Goals
Blogging Income Report
Finding Your Blogging Style
Blog Planner

I hope this list has helped and sparked a few ideas for you! I also have a  Blog Post Ideas – Skincare  and Blog Post Ideas – Organising for ideas!

Social Media Planner

For the last year my Social Media Planner has been very helpful with planning out blog posts, Etsy, Twitter- personal account and RT Accounts and Facebook. I have really enjoyed my Marble Happy Planner but sadly once June is over I will be starting in a new planner. I am so excited to start in my new planner, I will most likely have a blog post up when that time comes.

I could not pass up this cover, I love it. The colors and the saying is one of my favorites. This cover is awesome, it snaps, has pockets and a pen loop.


In my planner I have a list of blog topics that I  would like to write about. This helps me brain storm on ideas and I can keep track of what topics  I have blogged about or ones I would like to. Once I move into my new planner I may rewrite this list out and get rid of ideas or add new ones.

At the beginning of  every month I write down the topics that I think or will like to write about for that month. I might not get through the whole list, it might only be 4-8 topics for that month but it gives me an idea if I feel stuck or not sure what to write about. Or I can bounce back and forth between blog posts if I feel stuck as I write.

In the first two rows I write out what I need to do for blog post I’m working on for that week. Here I took pictures before I planned out the week. Once I move into the new planner I am thinking of changing the layout of how I do my weekly’s and even thinking of combining my social media and my wellness planner since I feel like I have too much space in both planners. I have the next six months or so to decide if I am going to do this, since my wellness planner goes until December.

Etsy, Twitter & Facebook

In the last box I make reminders to schedule thread topics for my Twitter RT account and Facebook Groups. This is also how I keep track what days are what threads and also to set up my scheduled blog tweets. I will note when upcoming  relistings are due for my esty or any projects that I am working on.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my social media planner.

5 Great Workout Apps

I thought I would share with you 5 work out apps that I think are great. I know trying to find a workout apps can be hard, since there are a lot to choose from out there.  Having an app on your phone, tablet or both can be helpful in your healthy lifestyle. Whats so nice about workout apps is on the days you don’t go to the gym, you can just go to an app and  workout in your home.  On days that I don’t go to the gym with my husband I workout at home using one or two of the apps I mention below.

5 Great Workout Apps

Yoga studio

This is one is my favorite yoga app. It has so many classes you can download and do. They offer Sun and earth salutations,  meditations, quick fix routines Yoga for back pain and Yoga for runners.   They also have beginner, intermediate and advance levels.  I bought the full version of the app a year ago, I believe it was around $5. I use this app on my iPad for when I do my yoga workout.

Pocket Yoga

Another app iPad that I use. They have many poses and different classes, like sun salutations,  ocean, mountain, and desert to choose from. I think it was again $5 for the full version.

30 Day Fitness

Gives you a nice range of workout to do, even for the free version which I have. They have 30 day challenge for abs, squats, arms, legs, butt, plank, cardio and push ups. It will send out reminders to you and will also set up a schedule with rest days.

Tone it up

This app is one that I just discoverd. It has daily workouts, on demand workouts and studio classes that you sign up at a certain time and  can chat with before and after the class.  Every week they send emails of workouts for that week. This app does have a monthly fee of I believe $12.


The fitbit app is awesome. I can track my steps, sleep, water, weight, and fitness. I love tracking all of that on my fitbit. Plus I can have friendly challenges with family and friends to see who reaches the most steps.

Do you have any other workout apps that you think are great?


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Story behind my blog name

How I came about the name for my blog was by complete accident. About this time last year  I wanted to get back into blogging but wanted to change the name and feel of it. I just didn’t know what I wanted to change it too. Finally it hit me around march.

Lifestyle Blog alternative health beauty makeup DIY bullet journaling

We had moved in to a new apartment in January and was loving the amount of sunlight that was coming in from the windows. My plants also loved it.  I had placed a few plants, aloe, zebra and some cactus, in the window stills thinking that I was doing a good thing for them. Turns out it was way to much sun for some of them. My poor aloe plant use to be a nice bright and healthy green color with strong leaves was now a dark and sickly green with squishy leaves. My aloe plant was sunburned.

I felt horrible and moved the plant to spot in the kitchen that didn’t get as bright with sunlight. I only watered it once or twice in the 2-3 months of recovery. The plant is now back to its beautiful green color and even has new growth. All of the other  plants that were placed in the window have also made a recovery. Surprising the zebra plant has even sprouted new shoots. I will not make that mistake ever again. I had exposed them to to much sun to soon.

I would love to hear how your blog got its name.


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6 Blogging Tools Any Blogger Needs

Blogging can be sometimes overwhelming. I decided to put together a list of blogging tools that helped me with my blogging game by keeping  me organize and on track. I’m no expert but I’m hoping it will be helpful to you. These are 6 blogging tool that I think any blogger needs.

  1. Twitter- My blog has exploded by using twitter. I started this blog in march/april and got some traffic and didn’t start using twitter until July. The amount of traffic i get now just from twitter is unreal. Twitter chats and RT accounts are super helpful for connecting to other bloggers. I recommend joining a twitter chat just 1-2 a week and see for your self.
  2. Scheduling Tweets with Buffer/Hootsuite/Tweetdeck – This has been really helpful getting word out about my blog and for the Twitter RT account. I can tell the difference on my blog  when I don’t have it setup for day. I use hootsuite  to schedule tweets for my Twitter RT account Blogging Bees RT.  I’m also  trying out Tweetdeck where I can have all three under one and manage them in one place.
  3. Planner– A planner is really helpful in planning blog post, tracking views and so much more. I use a happy planner and I plan out the blog post I would like to write-up and schedule posts. I write prompts for each day to give my self ideas to write about and to a point I follow it.
  4. Photo Editing– Snapseed  is a great app for editing photos, best part its free. I have it on my phone and iPad. I wish they had it for desktop/laptop. I love Adobe Spark. I think I make all of my blog titles in adobe spark.  They have a mobile app and desktop version. Both are free. Canva is anther great app that can be used for photo editing. You can use canva on mobile and desktop, but with model i find a little tricky at times.
  5. Camera– Most of the time I use my phone camera on my iPhone 7 for convenience. Even though I have a really nice Nikon COOLPIX P520 and a Sony Cyber‑shot DSC‑W570. I really need to break these bad boys out again and use them more often. Excuse me while I go charge them up. You don’t need a fancy camera. If you only have a cell phone then that’s okay. Or if you’re not into taking pictures for your blog that okay too.
  6. Computer/tablet– You need ether one to write blog posts on. I know a few  bloggers who write only on a phone because that’s all they have and that okay too. What ever works for you. I myself use my MacBook pro and my iPod pro. Sometime I will use my husbands Chromebook that we bought last year at tax time for under $200 at walmart, which if I didn’t have my MacBook or iPad, I would have bought one for myself. The battery life is better than my MacBook. I’m jealous.

What tools do you use for blogging?


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