Social Media Planner

For the last year my Social Media Planner has been very helpful with planning out blog posts, Etsy, Twitter- personal account and RT Accounts and Facebook. I have really enjoyed my Marble Happy Planner but sadly once June is over I will be starting in a new planner. I am so excited to start in my new planner, I will most likely have a blog post up when that time comes.

I could not pass up this cover, I love it. The colors and the saying is one of my favorites. This cover is awesome, it snaps, has pockets and a pen loop.


In my planner I have a list of blog topics that I  would like to write about. This helps me brain storm on ideas and I can keep track of what topics  I have blogged about or ones I would like to. Once I move into my new planner I may rewrite this list out and get rid of ideas or add new ones.

At the beginning of  every month I write down the topics that I think or will like to write about for that month. I might not get through the whole list, it might only be 4-8 topics for that month but it gives me an idea if I feel stuck or not sure what to write about. Or I can bounce back and forth between blog posts if I feel stuck as I write.

In the first two rows I write out what I need to do for blog post I’m working on for that week. Here I took pictures before I planned out the week. Once I move into the new planner I am thinking of changing the layout of how I do my weekly’s and even thinking of combining my social media and my wellness planner since I feel like I have too much space in both planners. I have the next six months or so to decide if I am going to do this, since my wellness planner goes until December.

Etsy, Twitter & Facebook

In the last box I make reminders to schedule thread topics for my Twitter RT account and Facebook Groups. This is also how I keep track what days are what threads and also to set up my scheduled blog tweets. I will note when upcoming  relistings are due for my esty or any projects that I am working on.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my social media planner.


Blog Post Ideas – Skincare

I love making lists of blog topics and  saving them for  later when I’m stuck and need a little help. I find this to be really useful. I have a whole google document of lists that  have made and I keep adding more to it. We all have been there, trying to come up with a blog post and drawing a blank.  So I thought I would share some ideas to help jump-start those creative juices.

Skin Care Ideas 

  •  Skincare Routine For [skintype]
  •  DIY Lipbalm
  •  DIY Facemask
  •  DIY Lip Scrub
  •  Morning Skincare Routine
  •  Budget Skincare
  •  Evening Skincare Routine
  • How To Fix [skin problem]
  • Makeup Removal Routine
  • Vitamins In Skincare – What Do They Do?
  •  What Does [________] do?
  •  Best Skincare For [age group]
  • Everyday Skincare Routine
  • How To Get Glowy Skin
  • The Effects Of Sun Damage
  • Is [thing] Bad For Your Skin? (e.g. silicones, pollution, makeup)
  • Skincare Products To Pair Together
  • Favorite Skincare Product

As I said I have a bunch more saved and always adding more to my lists. I hope you enjoyed these ideas and they where helpful.

Blogger Spotlight

Blogger Spotlight is a fun series that I thought would fun to do. In this Blogger Spotlight is a lifestyle blogger, Kim from Life can be Toff. Feel free to check out her blog and social media.
  1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?
    I’m Kim, I’m rapidly approaching my mid 30’s (but don’t tell anyone) and I near Tetbury which is almost in the heart of the Cotswolds, England with my two Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Maddie and Kira. My blog is Life can be Toff and is a lifestyle blog about my life in the Cotswold country including horse riding, enjoying nice cars and tasty food. I enjoy visiting stately homes, woodlands and parks, as well as tea rooms and other food places and I enjoy blogging about them and sharing interesting places with my readers in the hope it inspires them to visit.
  2. What are your favorite kinds of blog posts to write on your blog?  I enjoy sharing the wonderful places that the South West of England has to offer – so I really enjoy doing posts on places to visit and things to do – plus the added fact I get to enjoy those places too.
  3. What post of yours are you the most proud of and why? The post I’m most proud of is my Handmade Christmas Gift Guide – I wanted to highlight all the handmade gifts people offer that you can’t find on the High Street. I wanted to emphasise the importance of supporting your local craft makers and shops and I think that I got that across in my post.
  4. What is one quote that you live by and why? “What will be will be” – I’m a strong believer in fate and that what happens, happens for a reason, even the sh*t stuff!
  5. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to start their very own blog? Write what you’re passionate about. It doesn’t matter if you don’t post 3 blog posts a week if what you’re writing is just drivel – people will relate more to the things you’re passionate about and fewer, good quality, written pieces will get you noticed more. Don’t give up if it doesn’t hit the big time straight away, over a year in, I’m still building my following. Blogging can be a slow burner, but if you enjoy what you do – it won’t matter how many people read it, but that you are sharing your thoughts.


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