My 2019 Planner Lineup

I love pen and paper, I grew up handwriting everything. There’s just something about writing with a pen on paper, unless you also grew up handwriting everything, I think you’ll understand what I’m saying. It took me a while to figure out what planners worked for me. I tried cramming everything into one planner but that didn’t last to long and things became cramped and messy. I have also tried to break everything thing down but i don’t like the idea of having separate planners all over.

Anyways my planner line up is very simple for 2019. I will have 6 planners total. But 3 will be all on 1 set of discs. I am trying what the planner community is calling, transformer planner. So I will have my main planner, journal and a moon journal all together on a set of discs, I will keep 3 months at time for each planner in this new system. So every three months I will replace the months out. Where as my social media and on the go planner are by themselves with the whole 12 months. Then we have my memory planner.

I feel this fixes my problem of wanting different planners for different areas but not so many planners, if that makes sense. Otherwise i have planners everywhere and I don’t like that, it makes me feel unorganized and everywhere. I also put the transformer planner on extender rings because of its chunkiness, even through I had such a hard time deciding between the black, white or clear blue discs that the planners came with originally . At first I did decide on the white that came with the Enjoy all things planner, but the plastic discs tend to break and the pages don’t move as smoothly when it gets chunky.

Main Squeeze

Enjoy All the Things Horizontal Classic is my main planner with everything in it, bills, to do lists, food shopping, meal planning, doctor appointments, budgeting, work, etc. It is also a themed planner, which I just love. This one is is adorable alone with out any stickers but I love decorating this planner. I have so much fun with it.


Modern Chic Horizontal Classic is more or less my place to write down thoughts. I also write down things might have happened that day, affirmations or quotes from books I’m reading. I try to write in it everyday, even if it is something small. This was the first horizontal planner I bought and I have not looked back. I love horizontal planning. I decorate with a few stickers but just enough for a little something since it is a pretty minimal and neutral layout.

Agate Vertical Classic is used for my tarot readings and anything Woo Woo. This is my only vertical planner and it works out for the type of cards I pull daily. I pull a tarot card, oracle card and an affirmation card for each day, there are three boxes for each day. So this works great for this. I don’t normally decorate this one at all since I like to keep this one simple.

On the go

Keep Bright and Beautiful Mini will be on the go planner, just something that I can throw in my bag if I need to. I will mainly keep this one in my bag or purse. Sometime I decorate it and sometimes I don’t. Most of the time I add a few check lists and a quote or two. Thats normally it with this planner since its mainly for quickly writing down something.

 Miss Maker Mini is what I use for my social media planner. I keep track of Bloggingbeesrt, my twitter and blog posts. I feel it is the the perfect size for what I need it for, just enough white space and its horizontal. I find I can plan out better this way. I also don’t decorate this one to much since I like to keep this one simple and clean.

Memory Keeping

Life is an amazing adventure is for Memory Keeping. I tried it in October and hoping to pick it back up again for 2019.

So that it. That’s my line up for 2019. It’s simple enough and seems to be working well for the last few months of testing it out before the new year. I am really excited to see how the transformer method works for me. I would love to see what planner lineup you have.

New  Blog and April Setup-Bullet Journal

For the month of April, I am starting in a new journal and I have started this new blog. Very exciting! I hope you stay and follow me to stay updated with posts that I write. The reason for moving my blog, was that I bought my self a domain and couldn’t change my old blog address (Glitter and Lust). It was a bummer when I tried but had no luck. I recently did a silly thing during the time I was dealing with trying to change my old blog and my new blog name came to me. So it all worked out. So I hope you will be following this blog, since I wont be updating the old one anymore.

So now on to my new Bullet Journal.

I finished up my moleskin for the month of March just in time for April. The journal that I will be using is a plain orange Leuchtturm1917 My favorite color! I won this journal when Leuchtturm1917 had a giveaway in October for Halloween last year. I even had it embossed! Recently i bought a sticker machine and printed out one of Boho Berry‘s coloring pages. Which then I turned it in to a sticker for my cover on my journal. I am still debating if I want to color it or leave it the way it is.


I know this month is super plain and simple but I kinda like it. Maybe I will add some leaves or doodles to it over the course of the month.

This months overview – I thought this Washi tape was perfect for the month. I bought some others that are perfect for spring/summer.

My April tracker- Sadly there are some smudges. *Sigh

Mood mandala- Trying new thing with my midliners  and it didn’t work out, ugh.

Bill Tracker-Where does my money go. Oh right, bills.

Quotes- Not sure if Im going to make a quotes page for every month, but we shall see.

Weekly Setup- I really like this one, I think I will keep it around for the next couple of weeks.

So, thats what I have for setup for April. I am pretty please with it, considering some of the smudging and bleeding of some of my pens. I need to learn to be more patience with some of my pens, since some don’t dry as fast as others.

Thanks for reading!