Elf Cosmetics Mad for Matte Eye Shadow Palette

I don’tu think I have done a makeup product review in while. So I thought I would share with you my thoughts on the Mad for Matte Eye Shadow from Elf Cosmetics.

This is the first full matte eye shadow palette that I bought since a majority of my eye shadows are shimmered. This palette, I bought at Target for $10. At first when I tried it, it seemed to be chalky and kind streaky. But I have found that when I use a eye shadow primer, I don’t have these issues. I was also having some creasing issues, even with eye shadow premier, I have found that if I apply my argon face oil everywhere but on my eye lids, before applying my make up I have no problem. So lesson learned. No face oil on eye lids. Check.

I really like this palette. It’s very versatile, easy to blend and work with. The colors in this palette are gorgeous. I love that it come with a mirror, which is really handy at times. I still have a problem working with any super dark colors so I haven’t used all of them. I tend to go from naked eyes to raccoon eyes in seconds and its not just this palette. It’s me in general. I just have to practice more with dark colors. I’m very heavy handed when applying dark shadows for some reason.

I’m very happy I picked it up. It’s in my top favorites of eye shadow palettes that I own. I hope to review more makeup products in the future, so please stay tuned!


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