New  Blog and April Setup-Bullet Journal

For the month of April, I am starting in a new journal and I have started this new blog. Very exciting! I hope you stay and follow me to stay updated with posts that I write. The reason for moving my blog, was that I bought my self a domain and couldn’t change my old blog address (Glitter and Lust). It was a bummer when I tried but had no luck. I recently did a silly thing during the time I was dealing with trying to change my old blog and my new blog name came to me. So it all worked out. So I hope you will be following this blog, since I wont be updating the old one anymore.

So now on to my new Bullet Journal.

I finished up my moleskin for the month of March just in time for April. The journal that I will be using is a plain orange Leuchtturm1917 My favorite color! I won this journal when Leuchtturm1917 had a giveaway in October for Halloween last year. I even had it embossed! Recently i bought a sticker machine and printed out one of Boho Berry‘s coloring pages. Which then I turned it in to a sticker for my cover on my journal. I am still debating if I want to color it or leave it the way it is.


I know this month is super plain and simple but I kinda like it. Maybe I will add some leaves or doodles to it over the course of the month.

This months overview – I thought this Washi tape was perfect for the month. I bought some others that are perfect for spring/summer.

My April tracker- Sadly there are some smudges. *Sigh

Mood mandala- Trying new thing with my midliners  and it didn’t work out, ugh.

Bill Tracker-Where does my money go. Oh right, bills.

Quotes- Not sure if Im going to make a quotes page for every month, but we shall see.

Weekly Setup- I really like this one, I think I will keep it around for the next couple of weeks.

So, thats what I have for setup for April. I am pretty please with it, considering some of the smudging and bleeding of some of my pens. I need to learn to be more patience with some of my pens, since some don’t dry as fast as others.

Thanks for reading!