7 Things I’m Loving Right Now

I really love sharing with you all the things I’m loving every week. There are times where I want to write about an item or a book or show but I don’t feel like it would be long enough for even a blog post.

1. Carbon coco

This stuff is amazing. It’s a Natural Teeth Whitener. It naturally whitens your teeth, polishes, strengthens enamel and detoxifies your mouth without any chemicals. I use this a couple of times a week right before I brush my teeth at bedtime.

2. Formula 10.0.6. Get Your Glow On Peel Mask

It smells amazing. If this was a candle I would burn it 24/7. It makes my face so soft and looks great after using.IMG_2750

3. Book

One of the books that I am reading at the moment is the The Gender Lies by  Bella Forrest, it’s the 3rd in the series. Its kinda mix of  The Hunger Games and Divergent if you are a fan of either.

4. Tv Show

One show that I’m loving is The 12 monkeys, it’s on Hulu. Right now Im finishing up season 2. I don’t think season 3 is out yet on Hulu. I heard that the 12 monkeys has been signed up for a 4 season.

5. Assassin creed origins

I love the Assassin Creed series, its one of my favorite series ever. The story line for each game is just awesome. I think out of all of them Black flag, Unity and Origins are my favorites but I love them all. We bought Origins back in december as my husbands christmas gift but it is really for both of us. I’m so glad they came out with a egyptian theme, since I love anything egyption.

6. Gym membership

We finally signed back up to the gym last month. It feels so great to get back at the gym after not going for 2 years.

7. Adobe photography plan with Lightroom –

After months of going back and forth about signing up for photoshop plan, I finally did. I am so glad I did too. I have tried so many other programs and none of them are like photoshop.


Apps I use on my iPad

I thought I would share what Apps I use on my iPad. Some of the apps I use I did pay for, but I none of them are more them $5. I just won’t pay more then that. These are not ALL of the apps that I use but a majority that I use regularly.

Social Media


Mostly to check up on friends and family. I dont spend much time on it anymore.


I like to post personal daily life and empowering images on Instagram. I dont really have a theme for instagram like some people, I just cant stick it one and dont want to create another account to tend to.


I started using twitter recently a lot more then what I use to. I get so much more engagement with my blog from twitter. It’s awesome.


Who doesn’t use Pinterest. I love Pinterest. I get so many ideas for cooking, makeup, hair, home and so much more.


Love tumblr for passing the time.


I use it but not much


Follow other blogs.


Sorta like a Instagram but more artist base.


Great to schedule tweets and post for Instagram and Facebook.


I mainly use it to schedule blog posts to social media.


Love finding random websites I wouldn’t normally find.



Awesome to create images for my blog. I use the free plan.


My favorite. Completely free. I use this one almost every time for my blog.


Free and so easy to use.


Another awesome photo editor. Some many filters and tools you can use. I find it to be overwhelming at times because there is so much, but I do like it for the many options.


Great to find images. Free to use.

Photoshop Express & Photoshop Fix

Both great to edit photos.


Useful when needing a layout for photos.



I have so many Kindle books! I love Kindle unlimited!


Great for all of my other books that aren’t kindle books.



I have amazon prime.


Where i find most of my supplies for my store.


For $10 I am signed up for the monthly glambag. I love getting things in the mail to try out every month.

Retail me not

Great for finding really good deals online or instore.


Yoga studio

So many classes you can take. I bought the full version of the app a while ago. But I think it’s around $5.


Another app Ipaid for. I think it was agin $5 for the full version. Many poses and classes to choose from.

30 day fitness

Gives you a nice range of workout to do, even for the free version which i have.


Tracking my monthly cycle



I love using this to make mandalas. I believe I paid for this apps a while back.

Adobe sketch, Adobe Mix, Sketches, Procreate & Sketchbook

Making backgrounds and other artsy things. I did pay $5 for sketches. Procreate is also a paid version.

Pigment & Recolor

Really nice coloring books in apps form. They are not completely free.



I watch all of my favorite youtubers

Roku, Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video & HBO Now

All paid versions, except for Roku.No need for a smart tv or cable with roku, so many free channels. Prime Video is part of my Amazon Prime Membership and HBO Now is just mainly for game of thrones and will be canceled once the last episode of season 7 is done. Basic plans for Hulu and Netflix.

Pandora and Spotify

We pay for the family plan for Spotify. Pandora is the free plan.

Relax meditations, RM Oriental and Relax seasons

All free versions. I would love to buy the full versions but for $26. Ehh. Maybe one day.