November Goals

Its a new month and here are my November goals!

Surpass Octobers views

Honestly ever since I had let my domain expire in march I  have been struggling with views. I was roughly  getting anywhere between 500- 1500 views a month. Now I barely get 100-200. Which is insane. Since buying a domain again, my hope is that I get back where I was last year and earlier this year.

No Spend November

Alright we did this last year so we could move from downtown Milwaukee to the suburbs  and we need to do this again this year. Well, we don’t need to but I want to. Our bank account would like it and I would like new car tires and a washer/dryer combo by tax time.  Yes, we could use our taxes for that but we don’t want to use all of it on that. We would like to save a good deal of it and maybe even put a nice chunk down on our car to speed up the payments. We are already paying it off six months early, because we do split payments. Plus we have a trip coming up in January/February.

Journal/tarot/plan Daily

Just being more consistent with everything. I hardly did anything in September but October was better, 2 out of 4 weeks. But November needs to be better. Period.

Read the books I have and stop buying new ones

Easy enough to understand. I keep buying new ones and not finishing the ones I have. I need to stop. Please someone stop me.

One blog post a week min

Some months I’m really good at blogging and keeping up and some months not so much. I try to stay two weeks, ideally a month ahead but life happens.

More Consistent with @bloggingbeesrt

In case you didn’t know I run Bloggingbeesrt on twitter, which is a RT account. Basically you tag or mention Bloggingbeesrt and I RT you. Very simple. I am still fine tuning  daily threads, so please bear with me. I do run it my self.


So for October I was planning to a thirty day workout challenge and didn’t. I got a really bad chest cold at that time  and I’m still dealing with the cough but there “nothing” wrong with me. Um okay, bye Felicia.

I would love to hear what your goals are!


My Favorite Tarot & Oracle Decks

As you know I use tarot in my life and I have for a while now. Within the last year,  I use a mixture of tarot, oracle and affirmation cards. Within in the last 4 years I bought my first oracle deck and last year I bought my first affrimation deck and over the last few years have added more since. I find that some them are more intuned, stronger reading or clearer messages then others but they all do the same job. I wanted to share some of the  decks that I reach for a lot.

Tarot Cards

Oceanic TarotDSCN2827

The Oceanic Tarot is my favorite and to think I wasn’t sure about it when I first bought it. But after using it more and more it turns out I really like it and is one that I reach for the most for. I really like that it has a keyword on the card, which is nice if im doing a quick reading.

ShadowscapeMy Favorite Tarot & Oracle Decks

Shadowscapes Tarot was one of my first decks I started out with and I love the artwork in this deck. This deck loves to give me themes whenever I do a reading with it. Like getting the empress card for almost two months straight in almost any reading I did and damn did I shuffle and shuffle and shuffle, and she still kept popping up.  This deck was a gift from my mom and I have the app version on my phone, which sometime I will use if im on the go.

Oracle Cards

Postcards From Spirit

My Favorite Tarot & Oracle Decks

Postcards from Spirit I thought this deck was super unusual and I had to buy. I haven’t seen anything like it really before and very happy that I added it to my collection. The cards are just beautiful and so are the messages on them.

Angelarium Oracle of EmantionsMy Favorite Tarot & Oracle Decks

Angelarium: Oracle of Emanations is another one of my favorites. I bought this one last year as a pre-order and im so happy I did. I wanted an angel deck but not your ordinary angel deck and this is it. The artwork is amazing! When I read for my husband he prefers this deck and we get very clear readings anytime I use it.

Oracle Of VisionsMy Favorite Tarot & Oracle Decks

Oracle of Visions is hands down my favorite Oracle deck. I’m seriously thinking of buying a backup of this deck because I love this one so much and because of the wear and tear it’s getting. This deck does not sugar coat anything, there’s no way of hiding anything from it. It will know, I have had moments of thinking, well geez my life has been a lie.   I also have the app version for this one on my phone.

Affirmation Cards

The Universe Has Your Backfullsizeoutput_1c3b

The Universe Has Your Back is one that I bought last year because I was seeing it a lot on Facebook groups and on Amazon, which made me want them even more. I really enjoy  these cards a lot. I also have most of  Gabrielle Bernstein books which I also enjoy a lot, I think im missing 2 of her books so far.  For me I find that this deck works well with Oracle of Visions and the Oceanic.

How I Read Tarot

The way I read tarot is really easy and not everyone does it the same way. Some might be more elaborate with cloth, tarot box, crystals, alter, incense and candles. There are times when I do burn candles or incense but not every time. You can read tarot any way it feels comfortable to you and you can make it as simple or complicated as you want.

In a previous blog post I said I have been reading tarot since I was 16. In that time my ways have changed, many times. For a while I didn’t read any cards, I am not sure why, I just didn’t.  But over the last few years, I have have been reading more now and into a routine you could say. My collection has also grown since the last time I wrote about this subject.


I have a small collection of crystals compared to some. I don’t use crystals as much as I would like but I do use them to cleanse and protect my tarot cards from negative energies. I really would like to incorporate crystals in to my readings more and hopefully this year I will. I’m still figuring out how to, but most of the time I forget.

Whenever I get a new deck I always place my selenite crystal on top to cleanse the deck before I use it. Then after it has been cleansed I will then go through the cards and study, to get a feel for them. This also helps the cards and I connect. After I am done doing a reading, I put them back where I keep a clear quartz crystal on the shelf with all of my cards.


Daily- I pull a card daily for tarot, oracle and added a affirmation card on some days.

Weekly- I like to pull a card for the theme of the week by using oracle and tarot.

Monthly – Again tarot and oracle theme for the month.

New Moon & Full Moon  – This is somthing new that I have started doing. I will do a spread for the New Moon for setting intentions. It is the best time to manifest and new beginnings. Full moon is the results of your intentions.

Past present and future – Occasionally I like to do a past present and future reading. There are so many ways you can do this reading, love money and home or mind, body and spirit.

I then record all of my readings in my wellness planner. I like having a place to store all of my readings in one place. It is also easy to reference back to if I need to. Pinterest is a great way to find other spreads, there are so many it’s ridiculous. And there are times where a week is really busy and don’t get to doing a reading for that week or day or whatever it may be, and that’s okay.

So that is how I read tarot at the moment. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Lets Connect!


Divination tools: New cards

As of lately, I have been trying to in corporate my tarot and oracle cards into my daily life more. The same goes for affirmation cards, I downloaded  and printed some awesome ones from Five Sixteeths. I also use affirmation, tarot and oracle apps on days when I’m on the go,  I’ll share those another time.

I have been using tarot cards since I was about 16. Which at that time I  had the celtic dragon tarot deck.  It worked really well for me at the time, but I no longer have that deck for reason I wont go in to at the moment, but it really worked well. I wish I could say that I can read the cards without looking at a book but sadly I cant. I know what some are without looking. This is one of my goals for 2018,  to become a better reader and not have to look at a book when doing a reading. Wish me luck.

Recently I took a trip to Barns and noble and found Postcards from Spirit which were also on my amazon wishlist. I was so excited when I saw this deck it was unreal. I was not expecting to see it at all. I also found a deck called  Karma Cards, I haven’t used them just yet but I thought they were different from anything I have so far. Right now I have 4 oracle decks, 3 tarot decks and karma deck.  And it’s very very possible that I will be adding more to my collection. I mean just look at my Amazon wish list. Not even kidding.

I think The wild and unknown tarot deck and The universe has your back affirmation Cards are next,  I also have my eye on the Connected Chakra Cards by Five Sixteeths, The Spirit De La Lune Oracle deck by Spirit De La Lune, The Golden Thread Tarot and Luminous Tarot are both from Labyrinthos.  I wish I could get them all right now, but I must have control. I just don’t have the money to throw around as much as I would love to. Oh Neptune, take my money!

My collection of decks consist of The Vision of Oracle (Shh, my absolute favorite oracle deck, don’t tell the others.), Egyptian Pyramid Oracle, Oceanic Tarot, Shadowscapes Tarot ( My favorite tarot deck), Angelarium Oracle and Celestial Tarot.  They all work well for me, some more than others but that’s okay. Some I just have a stronger connection with and im not sure why. I try to treat them all the same and equally share the love between them.

Visions of Oracle, there is just something about that deck when I use it. It was also my first oracle deck.  I havent used the egyptian Pyramid as much as the others, that one is a little different how its set up. The oceanic deck is just gorgeous and is easy to use. Shadowcapes is just awesome for me, it was the first deck that I bought my self. Angelarium is one that I bought a few months ago and let me say it’s so different that all of my other decks, I’ve used this one on others and works well. Like really well. The celestial deck was the first one I had since my Celtic Dragon deck, and that damn High Priestess card keeps coming up like a lot, for example, for the lunar cycle of october, this month,  week, day and etc. 4-6 times so far and its only the beginning of October.  Hmmm, what oh what is it trying to tell me. Oh and its upright too, most of the time.

So that’s it as for my tarot and oracle decks. I do have other tools that I use, like pendulums, runes and others but I will share at another time.


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