November Goals

Its a new month and here are my November goals!

Surpass Octobers views

Honestly ever since I had let my domain expire in march I  have been struggling with views. I was roughly  getting anywhere between 500- 1500 views a month. Now I barely get 100-200. Which is insane. Since buying a domain again, my hope is that I get back where I was last year and earlier this year.

No Spend November

Alright we did this last year so we could move from downtown Milwaukee to the suburbs  and we need to do this again this year. Well, we don’t need to but I want to. Our bank account would like it and I would like new car tires and a washer/dryer combo by tax time.  Yes, we could use our taxes for that but we don’t want to use all of it on that. We would like to save a good deal of it and maybe even put a nice chunk down on our car to speed up the payments. We are already paying it off six months early, because we do split payments. Plus we have a trip coming up in January/February.

Journal/tarot/plan Daily

Just being more consistent with everything. I hardly did anything in September but October was better, 2 out of 4 weeks. But November needs to be better. Period.

Read the books I have and stop buying new ones

Easy enough to understand. I keep buying new ones and not finishing the ones I have. I need to stop. Please someone stop me.

One blog post a week min

Some months I’m really good at blogging and keeping up and some months not so much. I try to stay two weeks, ideally a month ahead but life happens.

More Consistent with @bloggingbeesrt

In case you didn’t know I run Bloggingbeesrt on twitter, which is a RT account. Basically you tag or mention Bloggingbeesrt and I RT you. Very simple. I am still fine tuning  daily threads, so please bear with me. I do run it my self.


So for October I was planning to a thirty day workout challenge and didn’t. I got a really bad chest cold at that time  and I’m still dealing with the cough but there “nothing” wrong with me. Um okay, bye Felicia.

I would love to hear what your goals are!


3 Reasons Why Twitter Is My Blogs Best Friend

If you don’t know it but twitter is my blogs best friend. When I started my blog in March of 2017 it got some traffic but not as much until I joined twitter in July. My blog BOOMED with traffic, it was unreal. Since then I have been using twitter regularly since. I get way more engagement then I ever did. Basically everyday I check twitter at lest once, either morning or at night. If it’s a day off from work then I pop on and off throughout the day. Also every couple of days or so I check my buffer and rebuffed tweets if need be. I am constantly recycling my blog posts on Twitter. I also belong to 2 twitter retweet accounts. One I co-manage and one I created and own. Plus I follow other retweet accounts on twitter and tag them in my tweets. They help so much. I know for a fact that if I didn’t tag or mention them, my blog would not get the exposure that I do.

On my twitter, sunburntaloe every Wednesday I have a WordPress Wednesday Follow Thread. Then on Friday I have a Follow Friday Thread. I have these set up on buffer so they are automatically sent out and saves me so much time during the week. I can not say how much I love buffer. I only wish I could add more then one twitter account to the free plan. Since I manage my own plus three others.

For my retweet accounts that I manage, I have been using Hootsuite mainly to set up and schedule tweets. For my retweet account that I own, Bloggingbeesrt I normally have a blogger train during the week. Then for the retweet account I help manage, Blissbloggers I promote our Facebook page and will also have a blogger train at some point during the week.

I also help manage my moms twitter gypsysoulseed , she finds twitter to be a bit overwhelming at times. So I also use Hootsuite for her account plus the two retweet accounts. I mainly make sure her blog posts are being scheduled and tweeted. Before I took over her twitter for her, she got traffic to her blog but not as much as she does now. Again that’s because we are promoting her blog posts and using retweeting accounts not just the ones I manage but also others.

Here are some reasons why twitter is my blogs best friend.

  1. Retweet accounts -They are a awesome way to promote and get the exposure for your blog. Also you meet and connect with other bloggers that are out there. I have found many favorite bloggers because of these accounts. Plus some accounts will have chats on set days and times.
  2. Follow trains- Follow trains are another way to find and connect with new blogs. Normally all you have to do is drop your link, follow others and retweet that tweet to keep that train moving. Again I have found som many favorite blogs this way.
  3. Twitter chats- I wish I could participate in more twitter chats but I feel most of the accounts I follow are in the UK area. So the time zones don’t really match. But I love joining and being part of the chats when I can.

If your already on twitter feel free to follow me and if you don’t that’s okay too. I hope you enjoyed reading!


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